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Our trading tools and algorithms are unique for they use powerful and advanced mathematical models to decide on various important aspects of the trade such as the price, timing, and executes the trade automatically without human intervention.


Unlike many signal based strategies, the design of our algorithms ensures that you will not be competing for liquidity with other users.


At Quant-trading.network we protect our systems with the latest technologies and always strive for the use of the best security practices.


Your privacy is our priority because we believe you must feel confident about how we manage your personal information. That is why our API is central to our platform so that you can run a trading bot on your computer without sharing your private information with us.

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API launched

The first cryptocurrency algorithms were deployed, live trading started on the BitMEX exchange. The API to access these algorithms was published too.


Platform launched

The web platform became fully operational for public use.

Near future

Cloud platform

The platform is completely restructured to also offer cloud base solutions. New and more powerful quant algorithms are released and much more.


Traditional markets exposure

More trading services and tools are released targeting traditional trading markets.